Does Age Of An Individual Have Any Role On His Erectile Dysfunction?

The aging process may be seen as an inevitable path to erectile dysfunction (ED). But this is just a myth as not all men experience this problem as they age. The high occurrences of ED in men who are elderly are due to a number of factors. Many would be able to still perform sexually, despite the increase in one’s age. Since there are a lot of misconceptions about aging and erectile function in older men, this can be clarified by looking at the relation between the two and also seeing if there are suitable solutions available. Read on to know if and how the age of an individual has any impact on erectile function.

A relation between ED and aging

Aging is a process that is different for every individual. When it comes to sexual function in older men, the characteristics that are defined as the normal long time for arousal, a less than full erection, increased time for getting an orgasm, less frequent or less intense orgasms, and a longer time for recovery. These are just some common signs of aging and do not mean that the individual is experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen as the condition where it is difficult to get and maintain an erection during sexual activity. This can happen from time to time, but the diagnosis is made only when it is more frequent.

The elderly are more susceptible to developing ED due to weakening health. Conditions like heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure have ED as a symptom. These health issues are seen more often in people above the age of 50, which is why ED is assumed as a given in the elderly. Also, the middle age period is one in which most individuals go through a lot of physical changes, especially in one’s lifestyle.

Years of increased stress levels can also contribute to developing this issue. Apart from the physical causes, the person is also likely to be bogged with psychological issues leading to performance anxiety. ED in the elderly does not have to be seen as inevitable as it is possible to avoid developing the problem to a large extent and also take suitable treatments if required.

Is it possible to treat age-related ED?

Yes, it is certainly possible to treat age-related ED. Drugs like Viagra, Kamagra, and Levitra have proven that it works in the elderly. In fact, the lowest dosage strengths would be sufficient in promoting a hard erection. These options may be considered by the consult with the healthcare provider to know which drug and dosage would be suitable, and also the instructions for using it.

Also, the doctor would check for other health conditions and if any other drugs would interact adversely with the treatment. If elderly men experience ED, there is no need to give up on sex entirely. Consult with the healthcare provider for options to manage Erectile Dysfunction and experience good sexual health even in old age.

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