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Common Mistakes You Make While Consuming ED Drugs

Taking medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) has become very common these days. Despite the availability of top class drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, and Levitra, many men are still unable to overcome their erectile issues. Chances are high that the user is not actually taking the pills in the right way.

For instance, a number of people mistake ED drugs to be magical aphrodisiacs that can enhance sexual performance though this is not true. The pills have to be used in a certain way in order to experience its benefits for erection problems. Get to know what mistakes you’re likely making and how you can rectify them.

Know what to expect

It is not possible to get an erection soon after taking the dose. Sexual stimulation is what helps the drug to work. This is because when you are sexually stimulated, the brain helps release a certain chemical that interacts with the drug to produce the desired erection. Whatever means that you use for sexual arousal, this is required if you want the drug to work in your system. The drug does not work on its own but needs your help.

Take a dose higher than the minimum amount

It is true that most prescription drugs are used at the lowest effective dose. However, this need not be so for using the ED medication. Take a lot little more than the lowest dose or the highest dose even by checking with the doctor. ED pills are not addictive and since you would be taking them on an as-needed basis, it makes sense to use the highest effective dose. If you are any restrictions due to health issues and other drugs being taken, then always consult with the doctor for any dose modifications.

Don’t eat a heavy meal before taking the drug

Unless you are using Cialis, which lasts in the system for a long time, it is better to avoid consuming any heavy or fatty meals before taking the dose. This is because the food can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Even if you are taking a high dose, it is most likely to feel like the effect is just half the dose. Sometimes alcohol and grapefruit products can also interfere with the efficacy of the ED medication.

Wait before engaging in sex

You do not have to start sexual activity immediately after taking the pill. This is because it takes some time to start working. With Viagra and Levitra, you have to wait at least an hour and then start with sexual stimulation. This would help you to get going and the drug’s effects would last for at least four to five hours. Cialis lasts for about 36 hours so you can have sex at any time while the drug is in the system.

Test the drug more than once

It is not necessary that you should get an erection the very first time you use an ED drug. If it doesn’t work initially, see what you could have done better and try the pills at least a few more times. Every person responds differently to medication and you need not worry about the drug not working for you.

Give more than one ED drug a try

If one ED med does not work, simply try a different one. It is that easy really. Trying more than one medication will help you to find the right one that is suitable for you. Just make sure that you do not take the different ED meds together or in the same day. Allow for a few days to pass before trying the next one.

What are the ways to save on your ED drugs while purchasing from online pharmacies?

Saving money is very much important for a person and it is very much important to do while getting the medications. People those who want to get the ED drugs online and also want to save huge money can go about reading this article.

Opting for generic version of the ED drug

When you are taking a medication into consideration, you can know that there are two variants of it name brand and the generic one. The brand ED drug would be very expensive so you can try the cheaper version of the medication which is the generic one.

If you choose the generic drug it is possible for you to save a lot of money during the treatment and you can get the necessary effects on the condition.

Offers in online pharmacies

There will be so many offers provided in a mail order pharmacy so you have to try and grab one. You can very well trust these offers that are provided by a genuine online pharmacy because it is provided just to grab attention from the customers and nothing else. It is you who have to utilize it and procure cheaper ED drugs.

Get ED pills in bulk

If you are a person who is suffering from permanent impotency it is sure that you would need ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra in bulk. Instead of getting few pills more often it would be a wise idea to procure the required amount of tablets in bulk. When more amounts of pills are procured the rate of each pill would be decreased to a greater extent. In fact, you need not have to pay more often for the shipping charge which would be the great benefit for you.

Procure ED pills with higher dosage strength

It might be weird if you read this subhead and think how everyone can get the required medication with higher dosage strength as some people would have been instructed to take the lower dose. But believe us it is truly possible for you to get the high dose of ED drug for the treatment. After getting the higher dose pills you have to split the tablets using the pill splitter and take it every time before the sexual activity and take only the required dose.

Go for coupons

Yes, you read it right. A person can get lot of benefits while using the coupons for the medication. You would be paying very less for the pills compared to others who are using the online pharmacy without a coupon. So, try to find one. The best part is that it is possible for you to fill up to 12 prescriptions with this.

Ask for discounts

If you are not able to get any offer or discounts from an online pharmacy then the only way for you is to ask for discounts. It is sure that if you want your work to be done then you have to ask. Call the customer care team and ask them about how to get the discounts for the medication. Don’t forget to tell that you are going to get the ED pills from them for sure. In this case, they would definitely pave way for getting more offers from the online pharmacy.

Get ED pills during festive season

If there is any festive season nearing then that would be the right time to get the ED pills. So many offers would be provided to people at that time to make use of it and get affordable medication for the treatment.

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Does Age Of An Individual Have Any Role On His Erectile Dysfunction?

The aging process may be seen as an inevitable path to erectile dysfunction (ED). But this is just a myth as not all men experience this problem as they age. The high occurrences of ED in men who are elderly are due to a number of factors. Many would be able to still perform sexually, despite the increase in one’s age. Since there are a lot of misconceptions about aging and erectile function in older men, this can be clarified by looking at the relation between the two and also seeing if there are suitable solutions available. Read on to know if and how the age of an individual has any impact on erectile function.

Relation between ED and aging

Aging is a process that is different for every individual. When it comes to sexual function in older men, the characteristics that are defined as the normal long time for arousal, a less than full erection, increased time for getting an orgasm, less frequent or less intense orgasms, and a longer time for recovery. These are just some common signs of aging and do not mean that the individual is experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen as the condition where it is difficult to get and maintain an erection during sexual activity. This can happen from time to time, but the diagnosis is made only when it is more frequent.

The elderly are more susceptible to developing ED due to weakening health. Conditions like heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure have ED as a symptom. These health issues are seen more often in people above the age of 50, which is why ED is assumed as a given in the elderly. Also, the middle age period is one in which most individuals go through a lot of physical changes, especially in one’s lifestyle.

Years of increased stress levels can also contribute to developing this issue. Apart from the physical causes, the person is also likely to be bogged with psychological issues leading to performance anxiety. ED in the elderly does not have to be seen as inevitable as it is possible to avoid developing the problem to a large extent and also take suitable treatments if required.

Is it possible to treat age-related ED?

Yes, it is certainly possible to treat age-related ED. Drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have proven that it works in the elderly. In fact, the lowest dosage strengths would be sufficient in promoting a hard erection. These options may be considered by the consult with the healthcare provider to know which drug and dosage would be suitable, and also the instructions for using it.

Also, the doctor would check for other health conditions and if any other drugs would interact adversely with the treatment. If elderly men experience ED, there is no need to give up on sex entirely. Consult with the healthcare provider for options to manage Erectile Dysfunction and experience good sexual health even in old age.

Is Impotence Making Your Sex Life Difficult?

impotence and sex lifeErectile dysfunction (ED), commonly called as impotency, occurs in men who have a problem in getting an erection over a period of time. Impotency can change a person’s life and also affect their mental stability. It gives an uncomfortable feeling and makes you feel that you are away from the men who are potent. Furthermore, it causes a huge impact which affects your relationship with your partner.

If you are diagnosed with ED and unless you do something about it, it will affect your sexual life. It will make your sex life difficult because, you will no longer be able to satisfy your partner and even if you share your problem with her, there are only a few chances that she might understand your problem and stick with you. Occasionally, every man undergoes erection problems and if you start expecting it, you may feel stressed about it.

What are the causes of impotence?

There are many causes which lead to impotence, it can be physical or emotional, and all these causes affect your sex life. The most common causes include:

  • Smoking, obesity, and inactivity.
  • Endocrine diseases such as diabetes can be a cause for a person to undergo impotence as it affects the body’s ability to utilize the hormone insulin, which leads to problems with erection.
  • Neurological conditions can also increase the risk for ED as it affects the brain’s ability, which communicates with the reproductive system and has an impact on your sex life.
  • Certain medications which are taken by the individual can lead to impotence since it affects the blood flow, which becomes a cause for erectile dysfunction and makes the individual impotent but never stop your medicine without consulting your doctor.
  • Lifestyle factors can also cause impotence. If you consume alcohol and if it is more than the moderate level then, it will become a cause that damages your physical relationship with your partner.
  • Aging is also one of the causes that leads to erectile dysfunction, as a person gets older their sexual hormones get weaker and causes this problem.

How can impotence be treated?

Impotence, having a negative impact on your sex life can be treated in a number of ways that puts the erectile dysfunction aside and also helps you to regain your sexual function. It is a treatable condition and medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can be used to treat ED. Viagra should be taken 30 minutes before sex and you will be able to experience the result of the medication shortly. The duration for the other drugs such as Cialis and Levitra differs, and always consult a doctor who is specialized in sexology as he will give you the guidance to take the drug and will also inform you about the effects of the drug.

Natural remedies like acupuncture, ginseng, ED exercises and pomegranate juice can also be used to prevent ED and it is also for those people who prefer to stay away from medical prescriptions. Certain lifestyle changes help to prevent impotence and can lead to a better sex life. The remedies include reducing stress, exercising more, and following a proper diet. Studies have proven that regular exercise and enough sleep can keep your body in proper form and can prevent ED and help you have a better sex life.

Is There Any Connection Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?

diabetes and erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects men as they age. The condition may also be seen in middle-aged or younger men, which is a sign that there is some other health issue causing the ED symptoms.

Diabetes is one among the many conditions that are often linked with ED. The problem of unregulated blood sugar levels, diabetes, occurs from lifestyle habits and may be genetic too.

Studies show that about half the men with this condition are likely to develop ED in the course of the ten years that it persists. Find out what is the link between these two health issues, possible treatments, and if they can be avoided below.

What is the reason for ED in men with diabetes?

The issue occurs in persons with diabetes because of the way the disease manifests in the system. The increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream can affect the blood supply and also cause damage to the nerves, all of which are required to get a healthy erection. An important aspect of achieving an erection is the release of nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels to relax and enable the rush of blood during sexual arousal.

For someone with diabetes, even when there is a lot of sexual stimulation, there is difficulty in getting an erection because the blood sugar prevents the sufficient production of nitric oxide in the system. This often results in a weak erection or the inability to maintain it during sexual activity. Diabetes can also be the result of other health issues like obesity, which also causes ED. The erectile dysfunction issues are treatable to a large extent unless the symptoms are very severe or the person does not respond to any of the treatment options provided.

What are the options available to overcome ED linked to diabetes?

Since diabetes obstructs the release of the required chemicals that can help in getting an erection, there are drugs available that can specifically overcome this problem. Drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are PDE5 inhibitors that help produce a good erection by enabling the blood vessels to relax during sexual stimulation.

Using the drugs, require diagnosis by the healthcare provider and taking the pills according to the prescription. Diabetic patients may take some time to respond to the medication. Ensure that only the right dosage is consumed. Avoid self-medication in any manner as this is likely to cause more harm than good. Remember that these drugs are just a temporary measure to improve the erectile function. Taking care of your health by bringing the blood sugar levels under control will help treat ED better.

Is it possible to prevent ED related diabetes?

Diabetic patients may often be unaware that they have insulin trouble unless symptoms like Erectile Dysfunction are detected. However, diabetics who have not yet had any trouble can prevent the symptoms from occurring to some extent. Taking control over the diabetes condition right in the early stages can reduce the chances of developing Erectile Dysfunction.

Among what you can do is that of changing one’s lifestyle to include nutritious food and regular exercises for treating erectile dysfunction. Losing weight can help both the conditions and prevent the occurrence of symptoms drastically. Bringing down stress can also influence the impact of diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction on your health. Another option to consider is seeking psychotherapy, which can help in dealing with the problem and avoiding anxiety-related ED. If diagnosed, use the help of your healthcare provider to treat both diabetes and ED successfully. The conditions are manageable with the right care.

Obesity Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction In Men

obesity and erectile dysfunctionObesity has been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Those who are diagnosed with both may not really see the connection, but the symptoms can really get a person down. Obese individuals tend to experience a number of weight-related health issues that they may not immediately attribute ED to the excess fat.

However, medical research has proved that there is definitely a link between the too. In fact, exercising regularly and reducing weight can improve the symptoms of ED. The erectile issues that men face can be prevented to a large extent by taking care of one’s health and avoiding becoming overweight. Read on to understand how the two problems are related and what can be done to overcome them.

How does obesity and weight gain cause ED?

Obesity may be regarded as the condition wherein the body weight is way past the recommended amount, which increases the risk of developing conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. ED is also a side effect of obesity as the high cholesterol results in the formation of plaque in the blood vessels and constricts them, preventing the smooth flow of blood. The increased weight also places the individual at risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, for which ED is also a symptom.

Another way that obesity affects erectile function is by lowering the hormone testosterone in the body. According to a research conducted at the University of Milan, men who had signs of coronary artery disease had experienced erectile issues long before there were any significant symptoms in the heart function. The physiological problems of having both ED and overweight issues can affect the person psychologically too. It is vital to know what to do in order to overcome both in order to live a healthy and active sexual life.

Can losing excess weight help overcome ED?

Indeed, losing excess weight does help in overcoming the problem. The researchers at the Centre for Obesity in Italy found that weight loss had improved the ED symptoms in one-third of the men in the study. Weight loss does not have to be dramatic but focused more on nutrition and exercise. Follow a healthy meal plan that includes more of vegetables and lean meat in order to consistently lose the excess weight. These efforts can be aided by including exercise related to erectile dysfunction into the routine. Working out just three to five times a week for about thirty minutes or more is ideal for shedding pounds. This also helps to improve the blood flow and enables achieving better erections.

Is it possible to overcome ED while obese?

There are many treatments for ED that work even if the person is obese. However, these are only short-term solutions and do not help with the problem in the long run. PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the top ED drugs that can help. Their specific working mechanisms of relaxing the blood vessels to improve the flow of blood are suited to obese individuals who have highly clogged arteries from the plaque deposit. The drugs can aid in getting a hard erection and retaining it throughout the period of sexual activity.

The pills cannot cure the problem but only manage the symptoms while the underlying cause is treated. Hence, obese individuals who experience this issue would benefit immensely from losing the excess weight and becoming fitter. The rush of blood and endorphins after a good workout are further mood boosters. Take efforts to lose weight consistently and the right way in order to enjoy good sexual health.

The Dangers Of Women Taking ED Drugs

women taking ED drugsMedications for erectile dysfunction (ED) took off in a major way with the launch of Viagra, and later Cialis, Kamagra and Levitra. These meds are so popular that they are considered as blockbusters. Millions of men have found the drugs to work well for them in successfully overcoming the ED issues. However, in this line of treatment, women’s sexual dysfunction has been sidelined. In fact, there is lesser research and also treatment options when it comes to managing sexual dysfunction in the females. There has been some research done to see if the ED drugs can help ladies too.

The active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis, which are Sildenafil and Tadalafil, are prescribed for women with pulmonary arterial hypertension. However, these same drugs are not actually prescribed for sexual problems as doctors are not really sure if they will work. A little deeper insight into the use of these meds in females can help determine if they would work or not, or even any dangers to one’s health.

What can happen when women take ED medication?

The top medications work as PDE5 enzyme inhibitors, which help to relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penile region when sexually aroused to produce a strong erection. Likewise, the theory is that the drugs can aid in enhancing stimulation around the vaginal area with stimulation to improve the sensation and enhance pleasure. The results of this theory have been varied though. The anticipated treatment of sexual dysfunction in women with drugs used for ED did not occur. Probably, the use of Viagra in those taking serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) will likely experience better management of sexual dysfunction.

The research on this subject is very limited and further studies are required to establish if ED drugs are suitable for women or not. A factor that affects these studies is that women experience sexual desire and libido differently when compared to men. Hence, there is no single ED pill that can actually aid with this problem.

This does not stop women from experimenting with these drugs meant for men though. A danger to this practice is that the results are not known as to which direction it may take: if there will be any effectiveness at all. Also, drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are potent and using them can result in certain side effects. The healthcare provider should always be consulted to check if the drug is safe to use or not.

What are the ED drug alternatives that women can take for sexual dysfunction?

While ED drugs may not be the answer for women’s sexual dysfunction issues, there are medical treatments that can help to some extent. One such treatment is the prescription drug Addyi that is recommended for use in ladies who experience low sexual desire. Estrogen and Androgen therapies are also considered in those who have hormonal imbalances affecting sexual desire. Until further research, ED drugs are not suitable or safe for females