Lifestyle Changes That Helps To Manage Erectile Dysfunction

managing erectile dysfunctionTo effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED), the underlying cause must be identified. Once medical causes of Erectile Dysfunction are ruled out, you must consider lifestyle factors that can trigger these problems. While medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Kamagra can effectively treat ED, you will get even better results by making the following lifestyle choices.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Excessive drinking can make it difficult for men to get erections. Even small amounts of social drinking can trigger these symptoms in older men because alcohol restricts blood flow to the penis. Alcohol also reduces the production of testosterone which affects the male sex drive. This, in turn, can impair your ability to get an erection.

Stop or Reduce Smoking

Smoking can result in hardening of the arteries which reduces blood flow throughout your entire body. This includes blood flow to the penis which weakens your ability to get an erection. Reducing your nicotine intake or stopping it altogether can improve your erectile function.

Get Active

Studies show that men who exercise are healthier in general. This extends to fewer incidents of ED. Aerobic activity improves the cardiovascular system and increases blood flow throughout the body. The healthier you are, the less likely you will experience ED.

Lose Weight

Carrying too much weight can result in vascular disease which is a known cause of ED. Most men who suffer from ED are overweight. You can regain erectile function simply by losing excess weight. If you are obese, you should consult a physician to safely lose weight.

Manage Diabetes

The majority of men who have diabetes also suffer from ED. This is because diabetes affects blood flow to the penile region. It also impacts the nerves of the penis. Diabetes-related ED can be minimized by getting and keeping your diabetes under control.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Blood vessels in the penis can be damaged by high cholesterol. Cholesterol can result in the hardening of arteries that lead to the penile region. By lowering your cholesterol levels, you improve your chances of getting erections.

Manage Stress

Anxiety and stress can trigger these symptoms. The greater your stress level, the less likely you are to achieve an erection. Many things in your life can create stress. The better you manage your stress, the healthier your erectile function. You can do this by getting enough sleep, finding a physical outlet such as a sport, or seeing a therapist.

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