Is There Any Connection Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?

diabetes and erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects men as they age. The condition may also be seen in middle-aged or younger men, which is a sign that there is some other health issue causing the ED symptoms.

Diabetes is one among the many conditions that are often linked with ED. The problem of unregulated blood sugar levels, diabetes, occurs from lifestyle habits and may be genetic too.

Studies show that about half the men with this condition are likely to develop ED in the course of the ten years that it persists. Find out what is the link between these two health issues, possible treatments, and if they can be avoided below.

What is the reason for ED in men with diabetes?

The issue occurs in persons with diabetes because of the way the disease manifests in the system. The increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream can affect the blood supply and also cause damage to the nerves, all of which are required to get a healthy erection. An important aspect of achieving an erection is the release of nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels to relax and enable the rush of blood during sexual arousal.

For someone with diabetes, even when there is a lot of sexual stimulation, there is difficulty in getting an erection because the blood sugar prevents the sufficient production of nitric oxide in the system. This often results in a weak erection or the inability to maintain it during sexual activity. Diabetes can also be the result of other health issues like obesity, which also causes ED. The erectile dysfunction issues are treatable to a large extent unless the symptoms are very severe or the person does not respond to any of the treatment options provided.

What are the options available to overcome ED linked to diabetes?

Since diabetes obstructs the release of the required chemicals that can help in getting an erection, there are drugs available that can specifically overcome this problem. Drugs like Viagra, Kamagra,  Levitra, and Cialis are PDE5 inhibitors that help produce a good erection by enabling the blood vessels to relax during sexual stimulation.

Using the drugs, require diagnosis by the healthcare provider and taking the pills according to the prescription. Diabetic patients may take some time to respond to the medication. Ensure that only the right dosage is consumed. Avoid self-medication in any manner as this is likely to cause more harm than good. Remember that these drugs are just a temporary measure to improve the erectile function. Taking care of your health by bringing the blood sugar levels under control will help treat ED better.

Is it possible to prevent ED related diabetes?

Diabetic patients may often be unaware that they have insulin trouble unless symptoms like Erectile Dysfunction are detected. However, diabetics who have not yet had any trouble can prevent the symptoms from occurring to some extent. Taking control over the diabetes condition right in the early stages can reduce the chances of developing Erectile Dysfunction.

Among what you can do is that of changing one’s lifestyle to include nutritious food and regular exercises for treating erectile dysfunction. Losing weight can help both the conditions and prevent the occurrence of symptoms drastically. Bringing down stress can also influence the impact of diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction on your health. Another option to consider is seeking psychotherapy, which can help in dealing with the problem and avoiding anxiety-related ED. If diagnosed, use the help of your healthcare provider to treat both diabetes and ED successfully. The conditions are manageable with the right care.

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