Information On Erectile Dysfunction

ed informationMen who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) typically have difficulty getting or keeping an erection hard enough to complete sexual intercourse. This is a physical problem that can have devastating emotional consequences on men and their partners. Your reaction to ED can affect the success of your treatment which should include Viagra.

ED Symptoms

Just because you are unable to develop or sustain an erection, do not automatically assume you have ED. This is actually normal, and most men experience such episodes at some point in their lives. ED is considered only after a period of time in which you are consistently unable to get an erection or you cannot maintain your erection when engaged in sexual intercourse.

Potential Causes of ED

Your doctor will want to rule out possible underlying medical conditions that may be causing your ED symptoms. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two primary medical causes of ED. Hardening of the arteries can also result in ED. It is important for men to maintain consistent blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. There are also non-medical factors that can cause ED such as stress, consuming excessive alcohol, low testosterone levels, or radiation treatments to treat cancer. These are often temporary and do not require pharmacological intervention.

Diagnosis of ED

This typically involves your doctor conducting a thorough physical exam and obtaining a detailed medical history. You should be prepared to have your urine and blood tested for possible diseases or medical disorders. The precise tests will be determined by your doctor who will work diligently to rule out all possible problems. Only then will an actual diagnosis of ED be made.

Treatment of ED

Many treatment options are available. Viagra is one of the most common treatments for ED. Your doctor will decide if this is the best option for you. If it is, you simply take the pill as instructed. You take the pill at least 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. It is common for men to have to take the pill several times to determine its level of effectiveness. Your doctor can adjust dosage as needed.

Coping with ED

Most men worry that their ED symptoms will return. While this is possible, Viagra can be used for a long time with no or little side effects. Once the physical symptoms of ED are addressed, men find it takes longer to overcome the psychological and emotional impact of ED. In addition to taking Viagra, men should also minimize lifestyle factors that can cause ED.