Common Exercises To Curb Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction exercisesErectile dysfunction (ED) can result from a number of causes that can be related to one’s lifestyles, age, health issues, or the side effect of certain medications. While the ED problem itself is just a symptom that can be treated with drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Kamagra, finding out the cause and resolving it can help restore sexual function without the continued use of drugs. Exercise is one of the forms that can bring back good health and also improve one’s sexual well-being. If you are curious to know how exercise helps and what you can do for improving erectile function, then reading this blog will help.

What is the relation between exercise and sexual health?

Millions of men have been able to take care of the Erectile Dysfunction issue with prescription medications. The quest for non-medical therapies is also an on-going one. Exercise is seen as a function that can improve sexual health and satisfaction. This is major because working out on a regular basis promotes the release of Endorphins, which in turn aids in improving the mood, brings down stress, and activates sex hormones. Exercise is, in fact, great for both physical and mental well-being, which reduces the impact of the erectile issue.

According to one Harvard study conducted in 2004, walking for thirty minutes every day can reduce the risk of ED by 41%. A much earlier study that was conducted long before ED medications were created showed that those who lead a sedentary lifestyle but took up aerobic exercise were able to experience greater satisfaction and stability during sexual intimacy.

What are the exercises that can help patients with ED?

Here’s a simple list of common exercises that can be undertaken to improve ED in patients diagnosed with this condition.

  • Cardio workout – Doing regular cardio work has many benefits to it. Essentially you can improve muscle tone, lose excess body fat, regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and experience greater energy levels. Metabolic syndrome, one of the causes of ED, can be overcome in this way when you are consistent. Choose a cardio activity that you enjoy and stick to the program if you want to see results.
  • Yoga – This is a great way of bringing your body and mind into harmony. While not actually an exercise, yoga can help feel calmer, composed and in control of yourself. Choose to go with your partner for classes and experience a deeper intimacy through some of the pelvic moves.
  • Pelvic exercises – Although this is prescribed as a therapy more for women, men can also gain from doing pelvic floor exercises. Regulating and exercising greater control over the pelvic muscles gives men with ED a better sexual experience as they will be able to easily sustain the erection during the period of intimacy.
  • Strength training – Cardio may be useful for boosting energy levels, but training with weights improves muscles and bones. Adding weight to the resistance training will help tremendously in improving balance and also make you look better. This is definitely a boost up for persons with ED.
  • Dancing – This does not strictly fall under exercise but it is a superb physical activity to engage in. Dancing is an enjoyable way to burn off excess calories, improve mood, build strength, get better at balance with the rhythmic movements, and simply to lose oneself to the joy of the music. If you are not a person who enjoys fitness regimens at the gym, then is a more pleasant activity to keep you active. ED persons would even find greater results when they do this activity with their partners.

Combating ED does not have to so hard when you such options available to improve sexual function.

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