Different types of Erectile Dysfunction

 types of erectile dysfunctionWe all would know about erectile dysfunction for sure. This is a condition in which a person loses his ability to achieve as well as maintain an erection. But, how many of you know that there are different types of ED? If you are not aware of it then this blog will help you to provide you with the knowledge.

Primary impotency

This is a condition in which a person never had an erection in his life and never will he have in the future. This kind of impotency occurs in a person due to certain trapped nerves in the penile region. There are chances for a person to get treated for this condition with surgery.

Secondary impotency

In this condition, an individual would have experienced a firmer erection in the past but in recent times they find it difficult to get one. It can be a temporary or permanent one.

Situation impotency

A person would find it easy to get an erection only in certain situations. For example, he might find it very easy to get an erection during masturbation but not while having sex with the partner.

Partial impotency

This is a condition in which a person would get a firmer erection in the beginning but would lose it in the middle. The penile region would become semi-rigid. So it is not completely rigid nor does it reach its original position.

Total impotency

In this state, it is not possible for a person to have even morning erections.

Why impotence occurs in a person?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can occur due to physical or psychological inability. In case of physical condition, it might be due to issues like heart problem, liver disorder, diabetes or kidney problem.

Stress, certain lifestyle changes, smoking, and drinking excessively would also lead to erectile dysfunction. Obesity is never going to be good for your sexual health. So, it would be clear to you that there are so many reasons why a person can get impotency.

To get treated for this condition it is a must that your doctor has to find the underlying cause of it. After this, they should address the issue.

How to know what kind of impotency you suffer from?

It might be difficult for you to analyze on what kind of impotence that you are suffering from. If you are in this situation then you can get help from your healthcare professional. People who are at a younger age should know that mostly they are affected by temporary ED only. So there is no need for them to get stressed at all.

Are there any easy treatments available for impotence?

Yes, there are various treatment methods that are available in the market which are very easy and convenient. The best way would be to take erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, and Levitra. There are so many varieties available and you can choose one from them. Before taking any one of these medications, one must require to consult the healthcare professional.

Hope you find this blog to be knowledgeable and useful to you.

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