Common Mistakes You Make While Consuming ED Drugs

Taking medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) has become very common these days. Despite the availability of top class drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, and Levitra, many men are still unable to overcome their erectile issues. Chances are high that the user is not actually taking the pills in the right way.

For instance, a number of people mistake ED drugs to be magical aphrodisiacs that can enhance sexual performance though this is not true. The pills have to be used in a certain way in order to experience its benefits for erection problems. Get to know what mistakes you’re likely making and how you can rectify them.

Know what to expect

It is not possible to get an erection soon after taking the dose. Sexual stimulation is what helps the drug to work. This is because when you are sexually stimulated, the brain helps release a certain chemical that interacts with the drug to produce the desired erection. Whatever means that you use for sexual arousal, this is required if you want the drug to work in your system. The drug does not work on its own but needs your help.

Take a dose higher than the minimum amount

It is true that most prescription drugs are used at the lowest effective dose. However, this need not be so for using the ED medication. Take a lot little more than the lowest dose or the highest dose even by checking with the doctor. ED pills are not addictive and since you would be taking them on an as-needed basis, it makes sense to use the highest effective dose. If you are any restrictions due to health issues and other drugs being taken, then always consult with the doctor for any dose modifications.

Don’t eat a heavy meal before taking the drug

Unless you are using Cialis, which lasts in the system for a long time, it is better to avoid consuming any heavy or fatty meals before taking the dose. This is because the food can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Even if you are taking a high dose, it is most likely to feel like the effect is just half the dose. Sometimes alcohol and grapefruit products can also interfere with the efficacy of the ED medication.

Wait before engaging in sex

You do not have to start sexual activity immediately after taking the pill. This is because it takes some time to start working. With Viagra and Levitra, you have to wait at least an hour and then start with sexual stimulation. This would help you to get going and the drug’s effects would last for at least four to five hours. Cialis lasts for about 36 hours so you can have sex at any time while the drug is in the system.

Test the drug more than once

It is not necessary that you should get an erection the very first time you use an ED drug. If it doesn’t work initially, see what you could have done better and tried the pills at least a few more times. Every person responds differently to medication and you need not worry about the drug not working for you.

Give more than one ED drug a try

If one ED med does not work, simply try a different one. It is that easy really. Trying more than one medication will help you to find the right one that is suitable for you. Just make sure that you do not take the different ED meds together or on the same day. Allow for a few days to pass before trying the next one.

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