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Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and, Kamagra are the most in-demand drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in Men. When ED becomes a problem, many men turn towards these oral medications. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, & Kamagra each work in a similar way, but there are some distinct differences in terms of consumption and work.

Erectile Dysfunction medications

There are many impotency medications available in the market which can help a man to achieve his erections. Though this might not be a cure, a man can still find the drug to be effective when he is able to be sexually aroused. Below are the most popular ED medications which the experts at suggest for each man to take to curb their impotence problem.


Viagra pillViagra is the first ED medication that was introduced in the market. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient and belongs to a group of medications called as phosphodiesterase. This is a prescription only drug and has to be taken only by mouth. A single tablet should be taken in a period of 24 hours and only when there is a need for you to indulge in a sexual activity. Viagra starts to works within 15 to 30minutes after consumption of it. It is a fast acting pill and its effectiveness would stay in the system for more than 5 hours.

Some of the dosage strengths that are available for this medication are 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The effectiveness of the drug would stay in the body for a period of four to five hours. So there is enough time for a man and there is no need for any tension.

Since there are three doses of the drug, we suggest you go about taking the one that is appropriate for you. The 25mg dosage would be good and is the lowest dose which can be used by people who have minor issues. The general dose would be 50mg dosage strength and the higher dose would be 100mg which would be instructed in a rare case.


Cialis drugCialis is the most popular impotency drug when it is taken, it is possible for a man to be potent for a period of 36 hours. This just means that the effect of the drug stays for a longer period. The active ingredient in the drug is called as Tadalafil which is the reason why a person is able to get his erections. Due to amazing working features, most of the people would prefer to buy Cialis instead of other pills.

There are various dosage strengths for Cialis such as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Depending upon the necessity, the dosage strength would be instructed by the healthcare professional. Cialis is available in different forms and depending on what you have chosen, you can go about chewing, dissolving it in the mouth or swallowing as a whole. Even for this drug to start working, it is a must for a man to be sexually stimulated.

Cialis medication might interact with other prescription, non-prescription, and herbal drugs. So, medical experts art suggests avoiding these than to welcome any negative effects on the body. This pill should be taken only by men and not by women or children. Cialis is popularly referred as weekend pill.


Levitra drugLevitra is the brand ED drug and its generic counterpart is referred to as Vardenafil. The success rate of this medication is also very high as those who were not able to achieve an erection with other ED pills found this to be effective and successful.

At the initial stage, doctors would prefer lower dosage of Levitra 5mg for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug can be taken only when it is needed and at least half an hour before engaging in a sexual activity. Side effects might occur when taking Levitra just like other ED drugs. However, it might vanish within few hours. In case of severe effects, it has to be notified to the doctor immediately.

Two dosage strengths are available for Levitra. They are 10mg and 20mg. Most of them stick with 10mg saying that it would provide effectiveness for four to five hours whereas others find 20mg dose to be very effective.

This is a prescription only drug so you have to consult with a urologist or a medical specialist if you have any plans of taking the pills. Usually, the tablet would be round in shape and orange in color. Moreover, this would change from one generic form to another. Without the presence of sexual arousal, the effectiveness of the drug would not be achieved. Know more about what the experts at would like to say about Levitra here.


Kamagra drugKamagra contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient. This is the same ingredient that the Viagra medication contains in it. So, even men who take Kamagra pills would be able to sustain the effectiveness in the body for a period of four to five hours.

When a person took a pill and becomes stimulated in a sexual way then the blood flow gets increased to a greater extent leading to an erection that is very firm.

Before buying Kamagra medication, it is a must that you have to consult with your doctor. They would decide whether you can take this or not. In case, you are eligible to take the tablets they have a medico who will pick a right dosage for you and would let you know how it should be taken. Nowadays many Pharmaceuticals have been manufacturing this generic medication and traded in the several names.

Kamagra oral jelly, Kamagra gold, Kamagra super, Kamagra soft, Kamagra chewable and Kamagra oral tablets are some of the types of medication that are available in the market. You can order Kamagra online at a cheaper rate when compared to Viagra.

So those who are in need of the same active ingredient can go about switching to Kamagra pills and go about improving their sexual performance with less cost.

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